Frequently Asked Questions



How do I edit a workout?

Go to the "Workouts->Show Workout Log" menu item. If you use the calendar view click on the workout you wish to edit. You will be transferred to the workout view for this workout. Then click the edit icon to edit the workout. If you use the list view on show workout, simply click the edit (pencil) icon to the left of the workout you wish to update.

Can I copy a workout?

Yes. Go to the "Workouts->Show Workout Log" menu item. If you use the calendar view click on the workout you wish to copy. You will be transferred to the workout view for this workout. Then click the copy icon to copy the workout. If you use the list view on show workout, simply click the copy icon to the left of the workout you wish to duplicate. Either way you will be placed in the new workout mode with the complete data from the original workout copied to the new workout. Make sure to check the closed panels (plan, weather, etc) to verify they contain your desired values.

Can I upload my workout history from another application?

Yes and please do. The more information you track in TitanXT the more value you will receive. TitanXT supports workouts imports in a standard CSV file format. For more information go to the menu item: Workout->Upload from Spreadsheet.

Can I upload workouts from my GPS watch?

TitanXT supports direct connection with Garmin Forerunner and Edge devices that can generate TCX formatted files via the Garmin Communicator browser plug-in. Garmin Forerunner 110 and 210 as well as Edge 500 and 800 devices cannot create TCX files and are not yet supported. TitanXT supports file uploads in GPX or TCX format. Many GPS devices (including most mobile GPS applications) support the creation of GPX files. Some Mobile applications also create TCX files. Please contact with requests for additional device support.

Is there a TitanXT mobile app to record my workouts?

Yes. Titan Tracks is the iPhone mobile app from There is also a TitanXT mobile app for Android called Tracks2TitanXT that works with the My Tracks Android app to record your workouts. Both Titan Tracks for iPhone and Tracks2TitanXT for Android allow you to seamlessly upload GPS workouts to We also recommend an app for the Blackberry platform. Please see the TitanXT menu item "About->Mobile" to get App recommendations and instructions. Be sure to capture data in GPX or TCX format so that you can upload the file to TitanXT. Although there is not yet a mobile specific TitanXT web site, many smart phones can access TitanXT via the smart phone browser. Common screens like workout entry have been designed to display reasonably well on mobile devices.

Can I delete a workout?

Yes. When you are looking at a list of workouts via the menu option Workout->Show Workout Log choose to view the workouts in a list view (instead of calendar view). There you will see an option next to each workout to edit, copy, delete and view the workout.

How do I change a completed workout back to planned?

If you edit the workout (see above) and remove the actual workout time and distance and then update the workout, it will revert back to a planned workout.

How do I change a workout date?

If you entered a workout with the wrong date or want to move a planned workout to another day you can simply "drag and drop" the workout within the calendar view. Alternatively, edit the workout and modify the date.

How do I "complete" a planned workout

Once you have done your planned workout simply click the check box icon in the workout calendar to mark the workout as completed. You will have the option to alter the actual distance, time and description at this point. If you do alter these fields, the planned fields will remain in tact. You can also complete a workout by editing it. You do this by clicking the workout in the calendar view (not the checkbox) and completing the actual distance and time fields. This also lets you add data such as average heart rate, weight, weather etc. Finally, you can complete a workout by uploading a corresponding workout via your GPS device (smart phone or watch).



Can I edit a route?

Once a route is created it cannot be edited. This is because a variety of calculations are done based on the route. Moving forward, certain data in private routes, such as the name or description will have edit capability.

Can I share a route with my friends?

When viewing a route you will see a share option in the route summary. This will allow you to send a link to your route to a friend. Another option is to make a route public. Anyone can view and attach a public route to a workout. Additional route and workout sharing options are forthcoming.

Why does TitanXT think I live in ...?

Once you register, TitanXT will use the location data you provided to establish the starting point for new routes and finding routes. Without that information, TitanXT guesses your location based on data from your Internet service provider. Sometimes this is pretty accurate, other times, not so much. The best way to ensure TitanXT knows where you want to start your routes is to register and login. It's free, so go ahead.

Can I delete a route?

Routes cannot be deleted. This is because moving forward we expect more and more routes to be shared. If you need a new route just go ahead and create it.



Having a problem with the site?

If you have an issue while utilizing TitanXT the first thing to do is to refresh the page in your browser via the browser's refresh button or by hitting the "F5" key. Browsers will keep existing pages from TitanXT stored in their memory and sometimes they will not have the latest software. This conflict between the latest software on the TitanXT web site and the software in your browser can cause issues.

How do I contact TitanXT support?

You can reach support via the email: We do our best to be responsive to support emails. Help us continue to provide a high level of support by donating to TitanXT.

Is there a support forum?

We will look at adding a support forum moving forward. For now, please use the support email and look through the help and this FAQ.

How so I suggest enhancements to TitanXT

You may suggest enhancements by sending an email to the support email:>