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The first TitanXT iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store!

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When you track your workouts with a GPS enabled mobile device you receive a lot of additional information beyond what you can gather with a normal watch or even a non-GPS heart rate monitor. A GPS device in conjunction with TitanXT will allow you to see point in time speed and pace data (as well as estimated power on the bike) or let you see how fast you covered a specific piece of a route. For example, you might want to see your average speed climbing a particular hill. When you repeat the same course you can get data that better shows you how you performed this time versus last time.

If you have a GPS enabled smart phone, the good news is that you don’t have to go out and buy a separate GPS enabled watch to capture this data (although some GPS watches provide additional point in time data such as heart rate and cadence information). You just need an application to utilize your phones on-board GPS and generate a file in GPX or TCX format that TitanXT can utilize.

Titan Tracks for iPhone is now available in the iTunes app store. It's the easiest way for iPhone users to capture workout data and upload it to TitanXT.

All of the applications listed on these tabs (and many others as well) allow you capture GPX or TCX formatted files compatible with TitanXT. To generate a workout in TitanXT once you have a GPX or TCX file, visit the menu item “Workouts->Upload From GPS File”. After you have any of these applications downloaded and you save a workout or two to TitanXT you’ll find that it takes just a minute to have your workout move from your mobile device to TitanXT.

TitanXT™ GPX, TCX and FIT file support

Create a new workout and route by uploading a GPS file from your workout. The system currently supports standard GPX files as well as Garmin TCX files and FIT files. GPX files can be created by many GPS tracking devices and mobile applications. Some mobile applications that interact with heart rate monitors also create TCX files. FIT format is used by newer Garmin devices as well as some devices from Timex and other manufacturers.

Create and upload workouts on your iPhone via the Titan Tracks iPhone app. Visit Titan Tracks for more details.

For other devices save the GPX, TCX or FIT file from your device onto your computer and then click the "Browse" or "Upload" button to locate and select the file. You will have the option to modify the workout data generated from the file after the upload completes.

If you are uploading workouts from a Garmin device and have previously installed the Garmin Communicator plug-in, click the "Garmin Devices" tab above for additional information. Note that Garmin no longer supports the plug-in.

Titan Tracks
Titan Tracks

The first TitanXT iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store!

Visit the Titan Tracks Website for all the details

TitanXT Mobile TitanXT Mobile TitanXT Mobile TitanXT Mobile TitanXT Mobile
Titan Track iTune

Garmin Communicator Support:

TitanXT can communicate with your Garmin device via software that is installed into your browser called the Garmin Communicator browser plug-in. Please note that Garmin has discontinued support for the plug-in. If you do not have it installed you will need to upload files directly by choosing a specific file under the "Workouts->Upload from GPS file" menu option. If you have the plug-in you may do the following:

  • Click the Garmin Icon
  • Click on “Find Device”
  • Wait for your list of devices to appear
  • Select the device that contains your workouts
  • Select the workouts you wish to upload
  • Click “Preview” to see maps of the selected workouts
  • Click “Upload” to upload the selected workouts

If you do not have the Garmin plug-in and you utilize the Garmin Ant agent please check this Garmin support page for the location of these files.
If you utilize Garmin Express please check this Garmin support page for the location of these files.

If you have issues loading workouts via your Garmin device please contact TitanXT email support (support@titanxt.com). If possible please attach the TCX file for the problem workout.

Additional notes:

GPS receivers cannot always get an accurate reading and different mobile devices will have different GPS receivers. If your route does not look right on the map or if you lose the signal during a workout you can always map the route directly on TitanXT and tie it to your workout. However, that will cause you to lose your point in time GPS data. An alternative is to leave the route mapped by the GPS device tied to your workout and just adjust your workout distance based on what the TitanXT map indicates was a correct distance. You will also find that the TitanXT elevation plots will generally be more accurate than your GPS elevation data. Moving forward we will look at mechanisms to incorporate the pluses of the TitanXT map routing capabilities with your GPS device mapping by adding additional GPS route editing capability.

Also worth noting is that TitanXT will attempt to remove paused time from GPS data. Paused time is determined by activity type.