If you have been tracking your workouts on spreadsheets or in another application you can add a large number of workouts in bulk into TitanXT by uploading a "comma seperated value" (CSV) file with your workout data. You can create CSV files from many popular spreadsheet applications by using the file "Save As" or file "Download As" options and selecting "CSV". To start, we recommend creating a file with just a few workouts in it to make sure you understand the formatting requirements and are happy with the created workouts.

The first row of the file is for headers and must contain all of the following column names in the following order:

Date, Type, Time, Distance, Location, Temp, DewPoint, Weight, Calories, HR, Power, Cadence, Comments

Each row in the table below the header row will contain information for one workout. Only the first three columns (Date, Type and Time) are required to have values for each workout, but the file must contain a column for each of the header items even if you leave the data blank for each of your workouts.

  • The Date field is the date of your workout in a U.S. style format for month, day and year (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Type is type of workout and may be one of the following: swim, bike, run, walk, hike, mtn bike, strength, kayak, canoe, cardio
  • The Time field is the length of time of your workout and takes the form hh:mm:ss, where "hh" is hours and may be zero, "mm" is minutes and "ss" is seconds
  • The Distance field is the length of your workout in meters. To convert miles to meters multiple by 1609.344. To convert yards to meters multiply by .9144
  • The Location field is the city and state where you did your workout
  • Temp is a number representing the temperature during your workout
  • DewPoint is a number representing the dew point during your workout
  • Weight is a number representing your weight in the units (pounds or kilograms) you setup as part of your profile. Weight is needed to accurately calculate calories burned.
  • Calories is the number of calories burned during the workout. This will be calculated for you if you do not specifiy a value.
  • HR is a number representing your average heart rate during your workout
  • Power is a number representing the average power you generated during a cycling workout
  • Cadence is a number representing the average cycling or running cadence during your workout
  • Comments are any notes about your workout

Here is an example with two workouts: a 5 mile (8047 meter) 45 minute run and a 17 mile (27359 meter) 1 hour bike

2/20/2011run00:45:008047Cary NC604515014585Felt great
2/21/2011bike01:00:0027359Cary NC555015013082Rode with the neighbors

If you are not happy with your created workouts you can edit or delete them via the "Workouts->Show Workouts" menu option, selecting the "List" view and then clicking on the edit (pencil) icon or delete (trash can) icon next to the workout you wish to update.

CSV File: