A workout library consists of a set of workouts that you do on a repeated basis. Rather than entering the details of the workout each time you plan or complete a workout, you can create the new workout from a saved workout in your library. The library is also handy for noting a great workout you get from another athlete, coach, magazine, etc.

You can create a spreadsheet of your library workouts and upload the library to TitanXT using a "comma seperated value" (CSV) file. You can create CSV files from many popular spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel, Google Docs) by using the file "Save As" or file "Download As" options and selecting "CSV". To start, we recommend creating a file with just a few library workouts in it to make sure you understand the formatting requirements and are happy with the created plan.

The first row of the file is for headers and must contain the following column names:

Type, Title, PlanTime, PlanDistance, PlanComments, Keywords, Location

Each row in the table below the header row will contain information for one library workout. Your file must include Type, Title and at least one of PlanTime, PlanDistance or PlanComments for each saved library workout. Keywords are additional words that you might use to search for the saved workout. The text in the PlanComments will also be searchable. The file must contain a column for each of the header items in each row even if you leave the data blank for that saved workout.

  • Type is type of workout and must be one of the following: swim, bike, run, walk, hike, mtn bike, strength, kayak, canoe, cardio
  • Title is name of your saved library workout. It cannot exceed 128 characters
  • The PlanTime field is the planned duration of your workout in the form hh:mm:ss, where "hh" is hours and may be zero, "mm" is minutes and "ss" is seconds
  • The PlanDistance field is the length of your planned workout in meters. To convert miles to meters multiple by 1609.344. To convert yards to meters multiply by .9144
  • PlanComments is the textual description of your planned workout. It cannot exceed 1000 characters
  • Keywords is text that will be used to filter and search for saved library workouts. It cannot exceed 1000 characters
  • The Location field describes the location of the workout

Here is an example with two library workouts: a 5 mile (8000 meter) track workout and a 2000 yard swim workout

run5 Miles at Track80001 mile warm-up. 4x800 meters at half marathon pace. 400 meters active rest after each 800. 1 mile cool downTrack Speed
swim2000 yard - 100 repeats00:40:001829300 yard warm up (100 each, swim, kick, pull). 12x100 Yards on 2:00. Descend 1-4, 5-8, 9-12. 6x50 kick with fins on 1:00. 200 cool downOlympic International Half

If you are not happy with your created library workouts you can edit or delete them via the "Workouts->Show Workout Library" menu option. Select the "Library" view and then click on the edit (pencil) icon or delete (trash can) icon next to the workout you wish to update.

CSV File: