Site Updates

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Recent Site Updates:


FIT format and other GPS Support - 13 March 2014

  • FIT Format
    TitanXT has added beta support for FIT format. Certain Garmin, Timex and other devices generate output only in FIT format. You may now upload these files directly through the menu item "Workouts->Upload from GPS File" and browsing for the file. FIT format is also useful for pool swim workouts created on the Garmin 910XT where TCX formatted files are not created.


Workout Splits - 1 February 2014

  • Splits
    We are excited to add automated split calculation to all GPS based workouts. For any new GPS workouts loaded through your Garmin, Timex or other compatible GPS device or though the TitanTracks iPhone app or Tracks2TitanXT Android app, you'll see split data when you view your workout. Splits are available for a variety of distances including quarter mile, half mile, mile and 5 miles as well as half kilometers, kilometer, 5K and 10K distances. Each split includes distance, time, speed and pace data as well as elevation, cadence, heart rate, stride length, pedal stroke length and power data if available.
  • Cadence
    We have enhanced the cadence tracking capability for GPS based workouts. Now for workouts uploaded with compatible cadence data you'll see that cadence data on your workout summaries and workout graph.


Site Revamp - 14 January 2014

  • Look and Feel
    The TitanXT site has been completely revamped with an up to date look and feel.
  • Performance
    We have addressed a performance issue that affected new years with no social connections. The dashboard page now loads much faster for those users.


Gear/Equipment Tracking - 23 February 2013

  • Gear Tracking
    TitanXT now offers the ability to track the gear you use during your various workouts. Tracking your distance by gear will make sure you update equipment at the appropriate time and will allow you to compare workouts with specific equipment. You can manage information about your running shoes, bikes, etc through the "Account->Update Profile" menu item (click the "Manage Gear" button) or whenever you are entering a new workout, uploading a workout via GPS or viewing the new gear usage charts.

    You can retire old gear by marking it inactive. You can still report on inactive gear, but it won't show up in your gear choices for new workouts. You can also set default gear that will automatically be assigned to to workouts uploaded via the Titan Tracks iPhone app or the Tracks2TitanXT Android app.

  • Gear Charts
    New charts are available that show your time and distance by workout type for each piece of gear you have tracked. You can view active, inactive or all gear. It's easy now to see how many miles or kilometers you have in your running shoes or how many hours, miles or kilometers you have logged on your time trial bike or in your wetsuit.

  • GPS Heart Rate
    We also made some improvements to the handling of heart rate data uploaded via GPS. We now ignore gaps in heart rate data from your workout upload. This results in a more accurate average heart rate when your device fails to transmit data for certain periods during your workout.


Titan Tracks for iPhone - 25 January 2013

  • Titan Tracks
    Titan Tracks for the iPhone is now available. Titan Tracks is our iPhone GPS workout tracking app and the eaiest way for iPhone users to capture and create detailed workout data on Take your iPhone with you when you work out and Titan Tracks will automatically calculate your workout route, distance, speed, pace, elevation and time. View your saved workouts on your iPhone and upload them to for further tracking and analysis.
    Visit the Titan Tracks Website for all the details


Coaching and Social Updates - 28 December 2012

  • Coaching
    This release represents a major step forward for the coaching functions within TitanXT. We've woven the coaching solution into the social fabric of TitanXT, creating a new and current mechanism for coaches to interact with their clients. Any coach wishing to try the coaching functions of TitanXT for free can just email us at
    • A coaching dashboard allows coaches to get the latest multisport news, see the latest workouts of the clients in each coaching group and quickly jump to any client's workout calendar or to a summary of workouts for a group of clients or all clients
    • Coaches can now create coaching groups for the various parts of their coaching practice (e.g. masters swimming, track club, etc)
    • Multiple coaches within a practice can be tied to any athlete through any group
    • A coach can quickly get daily, weekly or monthly workout data for all their clients in a single place
    • Coaches can be notified immediately via email whenever a client completes a workout
    • Coaches can communicate with a training group via a simple status post to the training group. The posts will appear on the group page and coaches can choose to have TitanXT send each client in the group an email as well

  • Social

    We've made a lot of updates to the social group functions.

    • Groups may now have multiple moderators. As a moderator you can make any other group member a moderator
    • The moderator posts can now be emailed to every group member
    • Moderators can be notified via email of any group member status post

  • PLanned Workouts

    In addition to going directly to the edit page for a planned workout, you may now also go directly to the view mode for a planned workout. This is helpful if you have a route that you want to review before heading out for the planned workout. Just click/tap the icon in the calendar that represents the workout type to view the workout. Clicking or tapping the text will take you to the edit more to fill in workout details.


Android App and various updates - 31 July 2012

  • Android

    The latest Google release of the MyTracks app altered the mechanisms needed to add workouts to TitanXT. Please see the Android tab under the About->Mobile menu item for a video on how the Tracks2TitanXT app now works with the MyTracks app.

  • Cast Iron Club

    Cast Iron Club numbers were updated to include mountain biking in the biking totals.

  • Social Dashboard

    You can now upload your fitness photos with comments in one step from the social dashboard.


Social Fitness - 11 July 2012

  • Dashboard

    TitanXT now has a new dashboard page. The dashboard shows the latest week of your workout calendar in addition to your current friend/connection fitness feed, your local weather forecast and the latest running, cycling and triathlon news.

  • Social Connections

    Sharing fitness activity with friends and workout partners helps you keep motivated and on-track. TitanXT now allows you to post your workouts, fitness news and photos. People who follow you can see your posts and add comments. Similarly, you can see the posts of your friends and workout partners and comment on their progress. It's easy to connect to existing TitanXT users and to invite people not currently using TitanXT to join your workout community.

  • Social Groups

    TitanXT has also added a social group capability. Any user can create a group and invite people to join their group. All posts and comments within a group stay within the group. This allows you to have wider personal circles of fitness followers and private groups for information you only want to share with a limited group of connections. Groups are also a good way for training clubs to share data and for group members to encourage each other. You can post general comments, pictures and workout summaries to groups in the same way you do with your personal fitness wall.


Training Plan Charts - 16 April 2012

  • Triathlon Charts

    We've updated the training plan charts for all the people who are using TitanXT triathlon training plans. You can now see your weekly progress for your long and total swim, bike and run distances.


Workout Library Assignment - 29 March 2012

  • Drag and drop

    To make it even easier for coaches and users to add workouts from their library to their calendar we have added drag and drop capability. You'll now see your calendar at the top of the workout library page. Select a workout from your library and drag it onto your calendar using the "assign" (arrow) icon.


Workout Plan Print - 22 March 2012

  • Printing a planned workout

    As more users start utilizing training plans and planned workouts, you asked for print capability so you can take those workout details with you to the track, gym and pool. We added a print capability for planned workouts. You'll now see a printer icon on your planned workouts in your calendar view. Just click the icon to launch a print window with the planned workout contents.


Race Reports - 19 March 2012

  • Race Reports

    TitanXT has now introduced race reports functionality. Race reports provide additional insight into an athlete's race performance. You can find the current set of races with race reports under the "Racing" menu. Over time we will continue to build a library of additional race reports to better serve our athletes and race directors.


Training Plans - 22 February 2012

  • Training Plans

    TitanXT now offers support for a wide range of training plans. As we continue to grow, users will have additional training plan options from additional authors. You can find the current set of training plans under the "Training" menu item. Coaches seeking to offer their plans through TitanXT should contact TitanXT via email at

    Users who have previously purchased training plans will now see their purchase under the "Account->Purchases" menu item. You now have the ability to reuse a purchased plan for a future race by creating another instance of the plan.


InsideOut Sports Cast Iron Club - 19 January 2012

  • Cast Iron Rewards Club

    TitanXT has partnered with InsideOut-Sports to manage the tracking of the InsideOut Cast Iron Club rewards program. The Cast Iron Club is for athletes who are hard headed and committed enough to swim, bike and run through the equivalent of 30 Iron Distance races in one year. You can sign-up for the program at TitanXT through the "Training" menu.


Workout Library - 16 January 2012

  • Workout Library

    This is a major release that adds workout library functionality. A workout library gives you the ability to catalog your favorite workouts and then reuse them to add a planned or completed workout. You can create new library workouts directly, upload a set of library workouts via spreadsheet or manage your library of workouts from menu items on the "Workouts" menu. Library workouts can include a workout type (swim, bike, run, etc), distance, time, description, location and route as well as a title and keywords to help you quickly locate the workout from your library.

  • Workout Calendar Page

    As part of the workout library enhancement we have slightly altered the workout calendar and list page. You now have a clearer, tab mechanism to switch between calendar view, list view and the new library view. To filter calendar, list or library workouts, click the filter (funnel) icon in order to view the available filters. The column filter for the list view now shows up as an icon on the list filter and changes in columns will refresh more rapidly.

  • Create Workout Page

    The create workout page now gives you the ability to create a workout for your library in addition to planned and completed workouts. You can also use a workout from your library to create a new planned or completed workout. Once you have some workouts in your library you can click the search icon at the top of the new workout page to get a list of your library workouts. Then select the workout you want to use to create a new planned or completed workout. You'll have the option of copying the library workout distance, time and comments into a planned workout, a completed workout or both.

  • New Menus and Internet Explorer Version 7

    Internet Explorer Version 9 is the current version of Microsoft's browser and version 10 is right around the corner, but we've noticed a lot of users are still using version 7. So we have made a lot of changes in this release to better support the IE7 users. The most visible change for all users is in the menu system.


Workout Summaries and Plans - 16 December 2011

  • Workout Summaries

    Beginning on 19 December TitanXT will begin sending out weekly workout summaries. These summaries will recap your workouts for the previous week as well as your weekly workout totals by workout type, and your long workouts of the week. You may update your profile settings (daily emails) to change receipt of this email.

  • Workout Calendar

    For users who include descriptions with your planned or completed workouts, you can now see those descriptions from the workout calendar view simply by mousing over each workout. This saves the step of viewing the workout in order to see the planned or completed description.


Training Plans - 9 December 2011

  • Training Plans

    TitanXT has partnered with the Tobacco Road Marathon and Half Marathon as well as with One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching to offer novice and intermediate half and full marathon training plans. Moving forward we will be offering training plans that can be applied to other running, cycling and multisport events.


Workout Planning and Calendar Updates - 1 December 2011

  • Updated Calendar View

    The TitanXT calendar has an upgraded look that makes it even easier to categorize your planned and completed workouts.

  • Workout Planning Enhancements

    Planning workouts helps you stay motivated and focused. This TitanXT release adds a number of key enhancements to the workout planning process. Users who plan their workouts will now see a checkbox (tick mark) next to each planned workout in the calendar view. This checkbox will allow you to quickly mark a planned workout as complete. If you desire, you can still directly edit the workout to add additional data beyond the actual workout time, distance and comments. Just click on the workout in a place other than the checkbox. Remember, you can easily change a planned workout date by simply dragging and dropping the workout to a different date in the calendar.

  • Reminder Emails

    You now have a new profile field that will let you opt-in or out of daily email reminders. When you have a planned workout, TitanXT will send you an overnight (based on your profile time zone setting) email letting you know about your planned workout(s) for the next day. The email will let you know the workout type, duration and or distance, location, time of day and plan details for the workout, making it easy to stay on track and motivated.

    Give the new features a try. Just click on an upcoming day in the calendar and fill out the workout type and a planned distance or duration. Then get your reminder, complete the workout and check it off.


Home Page and Social Updates - 11 October 2011

  • New Home Page

    We've updated the home page to make the site more welcoming to new users and to provide quick launch access for common functions to returning users.

  • Twitter

    There is now a TitanXT twitter account. We'll tweet updates regarding TitanXT as well as interesting bits of information we come across. Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. You can reach our facebook and twitter pages from the TitanXT home page or the footer on any page on the web site.


Calendar and Facebook - 30 September 2011

  • New Calendar Workout

    You may now create a new workout from the calendar view. Simply click in an empty space on the day where you want to add a workout. You will be brought to the new workout screen to enter your data. Note that if you click a day in the future you will be prompted with the standard "create workout plan" options open.

  • Update Workout Date

    If you inadvertently create a workout on the wrong day (which may happen if you are creating a workout for a past date and fail to alter the date in the create workout screen) you can now simply drag the workout in the calendar to a different day. This is also useful when you have a planned workout for a certain date and you execute the workout on a different day. For example if you had a long run planned for Sunday and you chose to do the run on Saturday instead, you can now simply drag the workout from Sunday to Saturday in the calendar view.

  • Facebook

    We have created a facebook page for TitanXT. You can now follow TitanXT on facebook and make posts to the TitanXT wall. You will find the facebook link in the footer of each page on the website. Please "like" our facebook page and feel free to contribute. Site updates will also be listed on facebook moving forward. More social networking capabilities are in the works.

  • Workout Time of Day

    We altered the workout time entry so now it includes 5 minute increments instead of an option for every minute. Users found the long dropdown list there to be unnecessary.

  • Workout Pace Fix

    Under certain circumstances a workout pace could show up as 8:60 instead of 9:00 minutes. This has been addressed.


Cue Sheets - 14 September 2011

  • Cue Sheets

    Cue sheets are used primarily by cyclists to provide turn-by-turn directions for a cycling route, but they are also used by race directors to describe bike and run courses. Think of a cue sheet like the driving directions you get from Google maps. When you manually map a route you can choose to save a cue sheet with the route. The cue sheet will be available to you and anyone with whom you share the route. A compass icon Compass Icon is available when mapping a route to see the generated directions. The icon is also available to view the directions when viewing a route that has an associated cue sheet. When you save a route you have the option of adding a cue sheet to the route and editing the generated directions to add your own details.


Android App - 6 September 2011

  • Tracks2TitanXT Android App

    The first mobile app is now available for TitanXT. The Tracks2TitanXT app paired with the My Tracks app provides Android users with a seamless experience to track a workout via GPS on an Android smart phone and use the generated information to create a route and workout in TitanXT. See the Go Mobile page for more information.


Partner Updates - 25 August 2011

  • Partner Members

    As part of our efforts to grow our user base, TitanXT has added partner capabilities that can allow virtually any web site to add exercise logging through TitanXT. Partners can have their logo displayed on the site and linked back to the partner web site. TitanXT members who are affiliated with a partner will see their partners logo displayed when they are signed in to TitanXT. Partners have the opportunity to promote their services to their members. So if you know someone in the exercise business who could benefit from having fitness logging on their site please have them contact us at

  • Web Services API

    We have also added out first web services API that will allow third parties (e.g. mobile web applications) to authenticate a TitanXT user and upload GPS routes and workouts. If you are a developer interested in building or enhancing an application to talk to TitanXT please contact us at

  • Sample Pages

    To make it easier for new and potential users to see the capabilities of TitanXT, we've created sample pages that allow a user to browse almost the entire site without logging in. So if you are pointing a friend to TitanXT they now will be able to see items like a workout calendar, workout charts and workout creation pages without having to register or sign in.


Charting Updates - 6 August 2011

  • Workout Planning Charts

    You can now view charts that show your daily planned versus actual workouts. There are charts for both planned time and planned distance. Each day will display the planned workouts side-by-side with the actual workouts. The planned workouts are in a lighter color than the actual workouts and placing your pointer over the workout column will indicate if it was a planned workout.

  • Chart Layout

    With the addition of the workout planning charts we've redone the chart pages to provide a tabbed approach to viewing your various charts. The new layout creates larger charts that are easier to read. If you are interested in what a daily workout plan chart looks like, simply visit the chart page without logging in to view sample reports.

  • Sample Pages

    To make it easier for new and potential users to see the capabilities of TitanXT, we've created sample pages that allow a user to browse almost the entire site without logging in. So if you are pointing a friend to TitanXT they now will be able to see items like a workout calendar, workout charts and workout creation pages without having to register or sign in.


Workout Planning - 1 August 2011

  • Workout Planning

    TitanXT now includes workout planning!

    Now you can plan one workout, a week’s worth, a month’s worth or even a year’s worth of workouts.

    Here’s how it works. To plan a single workout just go to the menu item “Workouts->Create Workout Plan”. Select the workout date and workout type and enter a planned duration (time) and/or planned distance in the Workout Plan section. That’s it. You can add a description of your planned workout as well.

    When you are entering a completed workout you can enter what you planned to do, even if you did not create the plan ahead of the workout.

    To create a plan with multiple workouts you (or your coach) can create your plan in a spreadsheet and then you can upload it using the menu item “Workouts->Upload Workout Plan” and following the instructions on that page. You have the same option to add planned workout date, type, time, distance and description.

    Once you have completed a planned workout, simply view the planned workout in your calendar or workout list view via the menu item “Workouts->Show Workouts”. From the calendar, click on the workout to view it, then, click the edit (pencil) icon and enter your actual workout results. From the list view click the edit (pencil) icon next to the workout and enter your workout results. Your plan data will now appear when you view a workout.

    If you upload completed workouts from a GPS device and there is a matching workout plan (same workout type and date) in TitanXT, we’ll automatically tie your completed workout to the planned workout.

  • Copy Workout
    You may now copy a workout from the workout view page. Just click the copy icon at the top of the workout summary


Body Mass Index and Calorie Burn Calculators - 18 July 2011

This released introduced publicly available BMI and Calorie Burn Calculators
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
    BMI is a useful way to check for overweight and obese characteristics. It is calculated from your height and weight. BMI is an estimate of body fat and a good gauge of your risk for diseases that can occur with more body fat. The higher your BMI, the higher your risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers.
  • Calorie Burn Calculator
    The Calorie Burn Calculator will allow you to measure the calories burned during one or more activities. The activity list includes all types of things you do during a day. Included are templates for office and stay at home days that will give you a start toward calculating a full day worth of activities. Weight is largely determined by calories consumed and calories burned. Understanding how many calories are burned a day can help people as they balance their caloric intake to manage their weight.
  • Manual Route Mapping
    A fix has been added to address an issue that existed when the first point being mapped was in manual mode.


Garmin/TCX Support - 10 July 2011

This release focused on GPS support. The following capabilities are now available:
  • Support for uploading TCX formatted files from your GPS watch or mobile App
    TCX is a workout tracking format introduced by Garmin and supported by a variety of applications. Users of mobile applications, such as MyTracks for Android, that have the ability to pair with Heart Rate monitors, can now upload more detailed, point-by-point workout data via the TCX format.
  • Direct support for Garmin devices that produce TCX formatted files
    TitanXT can now communicate directly with your Garmin Forerunner or Edge device through the Garmin Communicator browser plug-in. Devices that only talk FIT format such as the Forerunner 110/210 and Edge 500/800 are not yet supported. Please note that there are some Internet Explorer version 9 issues with the Garmin plug-in that are being addressed.
  • Enhancements to default route find values
    We have made enhancements to the default route finding values. Authenticated users will now see preferred routes by default and non-authenticated users will see public routes.
  • Third Party Advertisements
    You will now see 3rd party advertisement on the site. We are a donation and advertising supported business. The advertising content is automatically generated by Google based on site content. We hope you’ll find advertising content to be generally relevant.