Titan Tracks is the iPhone GPS workout tracking app from the fitness site TitanXT.com.

Take your iPhone with you when you work out and Titan Tracks will automatically calculate your workout route, distance, speed, pace, elevation and time. View your saved workouts on your iPhone and upload them to TitanXT for further tracking and analysis.
Titan Track iTune
To use the Titan Tracks app, first visit the settings page.

Measurement Units: Choose metric or imperial units

Workout Type: Your workout type will be stored along with your workout and used when you upload your workout to TitanXT. Workout type is also used for the auto-pause feature. Depending on your workout type, TitanXT can automatically detect minimal or zero motion and pause your moving time to give you a better sense of average moving speed and pace.

Reset TitanXT User: If multiple users utilize your iPhone to track their workouts, you can clear the current TitanXT user prior to uploading the workout to TitanXT.com. This will ensure the workout is credited to the correct user in TitanXT.

Sound Prompts: You can choose to enable sound prompts and have your iPhone speak to you each time you cover a certain distance. You may choose to hear distance and/or time prompts.

Getting Started
Once you have established your settings click the "Home" button. When Titan Tracks detects a suitable GPS satelite signal it will enable the "Go" button.

Simply press the "Go" button to start recording your workout. Note that you can change the workout type from the default you established in your setting by tapping the type on the bottom of the home page.

You can also choose the map type you wish to view by tapping the peel icon.

Map Type
You may choose from the standard map types (road, satellite only or hybrid) to view your path as you workout or after you have completed your workout.

Tap the peel back icon on the bottom of the home page and choose your map type. To close the map choice page simply tap the rolled up map.

Workout Detail
During or after your workout, tap the Detail icon to see your current workout statistics.

You may view your

  • Total and Moving Time
  • Total Distance Covered
  • Current, Average and Moving Speed
  • Current, Average and Moving Pace
  • Current Elevation and Total Elevation Gain
  • Current Grade
Please note that elevation data is based on the GPS signal and may need some time to establish a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Finishing A Workout
When you are done with your workout go to the "Home" page of Titan Tracks.

Click the "Stop" button to end your workout

Remember that Titan Tracks will automatically detect when you stop moving, so you don't need to rush to stop your workout, nor do you need to pause the workout when you are stopped at an intersection or at any point during your workout.

Saving And Clearing A Workout
After you have stopped a workout. You have several options:
  • If you want to continue the existing workout, tap the "Go" button.
  • If you would like to save the workout on your iPhone and/or upload it to TitanXT.com, click the "Save" button after you have stopped the tracking.
  • After you save the workout, or if you do not want to keep the current workout, click the "Clear" button to clear your current workout statistics and map.
Workout History
Titan Tracks will keep a history of your workouts locally on your phone.

Each saved workout will keep your workout details as well as the route that you covered during the workout.

Swipe your finger up to see older workouts.

To view a workout, tap the workout. This will show the route for the workout, and will allow you to view the workout details and upload the workout to TitanXT.com.

Over the course of time, your saved workouts will consume more of your iPhone storage. So make sure to upload them to TitanXT.com and then remove older workouts from your phone.

You can delete a workout by swiping your finger to the right along a workout or by tapping the "Edit" button at the top of this screen and then selecting the workout to delete.

Uploading Workouts
You can upload your workout directly from Titan Tracks to TitanXT.com.

Tap the Upload button and confirm. Once uploaded, your workout will be accessible from within your TitanXT workout calendar, where you can analyze the details along with all your workouts. If this was a Planned workout in TitanXT, it will be automatically marked as Completed.

The first time you upload a workout, or after you reset the current user from your settings menu, Titan Tracks will ask you for your TitanXT.com username and password. For security purposes, your login information is not stored on your iPhone. Instead, Titan Tracks will keep, and periodically renew, a local authentication token.

You can also share your GPS route via email. If you work out with friends, this will give them the ability to use your GPS route to create their workout on TitanXT.com as well.

GPS route information associated with a longer route may be fairly large. To minimize upload time and data transfer charges for long routes, it may be convenient to wait to upload until you have WiFi access.

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For help with Titan Tracks please contact TitanXT.com support via email at support@titanxt.com